Designing relevant, useful, and inclusive reports

  • Minimum of 5 attendees
  • 1 Full Day
  • In-house Training

Workshop Designing relevant, usefull, and inclusive reports

Designing a report or a dashboard is not especially difficult. Designing an easy-to-use, inclusive, and relevant report that supports the business needs poses a greater challenge. This full-day workshop covers the basics of how the brain interprets information, how to apply best practices for report design, choosing the best graph for a given piece of information and how to make sure your report is inclusive and useable for anyone – regardless of vision impairment, color blindness or dyslexia. 

What will this workshop cover?

The workshop is software-agnostic, instead focusing on general visual design best practices than specific implementation details for a reporting tool.

Who will benefit from attending?

Developers and business users.

Having both developers and business users participate in a workshop on designing relevant, useful, and inclusive reports promotes collaboration, alignment, and user-centric design, ultimately leading to more effective reporting solutions that drive value for the organization.

Where do I go from here?

When you have made sure your reports are well-designed, consider exploring our workshops on Security Essentials for Power BI or Power BI Governance if you still haven’t, to make sure your environment is optimized for efficiency, security and compliance.

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