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Jess is bringing her wealth of knowledge to LinkedIn Learn as a course instructor!


If you work with SQL Server, dbatools is a lifesaver. This book will show you how to use this free and open source PowerShell module to automate just about every SQL server task you can imagine—all in just one month!


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Data Masterminds Leadership

Chris Taylor

Eelco Drost

William Durkin

Data Masterminds Team

Mandy Petke

Database Administration, Database Upgrades & Migrations, Data Platform Design.

Sander Stad

Microsoft MVP, Database Administration, DevOps/CICD, PowerShell, Database Development, Performance Tuning, Containers/Kubernetes

Jess Pomfret

Microsoft MVP, Database Administration, PowerShell Automation, Database Upgrades & Migrations.

Nuno Filipe

Database Administration, Database Restructuring, Upgrades & Migrations, Process Automation

Cláudio Silva

Microsoft MVP, Performance Tuning, Database Development, PowerShell Automation, Database Upgrades & Migrations, Database Administration

Dirk Hondong

Database Administration, Database Upgrades & Migrations, Performance Tuning

Liz Hardy

Database Administration, Database Upgrades & Migrations, High Availability, Disaster Recovery

Alexander Arvidsson

Microsoft MVP, Data/BI Architecture, Data Platform Architecture, Cloud (Azure), Training, Mentoring, Presentation skills

David Hoffmann

Data Platform Design, Database Administration, Database Upgrades & Migrations, Cloud (Azure) Migrations/Optimisation, Training

Linda Torrång

Data Warehouse Development, Business Intelligence, Data Engineering, Azure Data Platform Architecture

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