Team interview with Chris Taylor

Meet Chris Taylor, Head of the UK Data Masterminds Office

  • William Durkin

  • September 24, 2020

Here at Data Masterminds we are constantly striving to improve how we can efficiently deliver our data platform expertise to companies around the world. Part of this focus on efficiency is to ensure we are available to our clients on their terms. To accomplish this, we have expanded our operations into Germany and the United Kingdom. As announced earlier this summer, the new head of our UK office is Chris Taylor, a well-known Microsoft Data Platform expert and community leader. Chris brings almost two decades of experience working with SQL Server environments of all shapes and sizes.

We’ve worked with Chris on previous UK projects and are excited to have him on board. To help introduce the newest member of the Data Masterminds team to you, we’ve interviewed Chris to get his perspective on all things data!

How did you get into SQL Server?

I started my professional IT career in the early 2000s as a developer of back office systems for a large pet retailer using php/MySQL and then Coldfusion and SQL Server 6.5/7 and 2000. Over the years, the development took more of a back seat and the Database Administration was becoming more of a requirement and that’s when I saw the real power of SQL Server. I moved jobs in 2007 to become a “pure” DBA in the Finanace/Banking sector and never looked back.

How did you know Eelco and William before joining Data Masterminds?

I met William through Jonathan and Annette Allen at SQL Saturday Exeter back in 2014. During the next PASS Summit we all shared an apartment and ended up spending the entire week together which mainly involved beer at the Tap House but that’s when we really got to know each other. Over the years we have chatted frequently, bouncing issues and ideas off each other when working on a particular problem.

I met Eelco in 2018, again on a trip to the PASS Summit in Seattle. I had flown to AMS to meet up with William, Eelco, Andre Kamman and Gianluca Sartori, and together we travelled to Seattle to spend a few days in a cabin in the woods before the Summit. During the conference we all decided to share apartment in the city itself during the conference which deepened the bond. After that, we kept seeing each other at various conferences around Europe and because Eelco is a serious audiophile, I’ve purchased quite a lot of audio equipment from his recommendations!

What are your plans as a Director at Data Masterminds?

It’s simple. I really believe in the work that Data Masterminds does, and have seen how well-received that work has been in Europe. It’s my goal to help make Data Masterminds as popular and well-respected in the UK as it is across the rest of Europe.

How (if at all) will this change your involvement in the SQL Server community?

I don’t anticipate it changing! I will still be running DPaC and Power BI usergroups, speak at conferences, blog and everything else I’ve been doing over the last decade in the community. Only difference being, I’ll be under the Data Masterminds brand, which I’m excited to do.

Want to Learn More About Chris or Get in Touch with the Data Masterminds UK Office?

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